How to choose a caftan?

Designer, sales shops or Caftan rental Currently put forward a wide range of traditional dresses. You have a wide range of choice, but it will not necessarily be easy. Indeed, the choice of this Princess dress Requires some finesse. To make simple and short, simply define your size and morphology, party or ceremony where you will be invited and the color of your skin.

The good caftan for the good opportunity

Larger designer Continue to introduce different models of Caftan every year and every new collection. The latest trends Are all as beautiful as the others we would be easily tempted by a favorite. You are right, this traditional dress is irresistible, but we should first know where you will wear it.

The choice seems easy if you already have an invitation in sight, you just have to seek the seller. If this is not the case, double precautions since one Evening dress Will not necessarily adapt to a dinner with friends. For great ceremonies, dresses in velvet with galleons and embroidery seem the most adequate. For dinners with friends, dresses kimonos in silk satin, simplistic, but classes will be perfect.

How to choose a caftan

In city dress or in casual mode, do not hesitate to wear dresses flared in muslin instead of your Jilbab. In shorter version, you will wear your caftan with a jeans or one leggings. You will wear a stylish, but relaxed mixture, all in honor of your origin.

If you plan to wear caftan for your marriage, the Maxi Dresses in taffeta With pearls and rhinestones are unavoidable. In the stride, a Kabyle dress in brocade would be ideal for your henna party. You will still have the opportunity to wear it for other occasions as to attend a Oriental wedding.

A caftan adapts to morphology

As seen previously, the choice of the Caftan is primarily based on the occasion to wear it. But morphology and corpulence are also parameters to take into account. At first glance, the choice of the good cut remains the fundamental criterion for having a dress well adjusted. Then avoid ordering in advance your robe If you still plan draconian diets or opt for adjustable dresses to lace.

If you have a square silhouette a little small, a straight cut You will go to delight. The caftans are cut so hiding your curves. If you have a small surplus at the size, choose the cuts to tall. You can also simulate a belly with a wide waist belt. Everyone will focus on the beauty of your belt and either on your beads.

With slightly developed hips and legs, dresses in size princess or with pleated are ideal. Nobody will go get what's below. On the other hand, if you have a fine silhouette with a marked size, dare a dress molding sectional Mermaid.

You have always had small complexes with your little chest, lace and rhinestone will help you overcome them. With a neckline at silver embroidery or in Golden thread, your chest will paramail more men. On the other hand, if you have big breasts, the sequins Will only accentuate this roundness and you may fall into vulgarity. Choose rather dresses to back-up with little rhinestones on the front. It will be more classy and more glamorous.

Blue Caftan

Currently, the Modern Moroccan Caftans present themselves with models Sleeveless or at short sleeves. It is tempting, certainly, but it is not advisable for everyone. If you have the flash and flange arms and forearms, avoid wearing Caftans without handleInstead, prefer long-sleeved models in shearing fabrics that will thin your arms.

The color also affects the effect that Caftan has on your figure. If you do Xxl, dark colors like the blue-night or black are perfect. On a dark background, you simply add embroidery Pimpants If you want to stand out a bit. On the other hand, colors pastel serve well with your size s And you can even wear attractive color dresses like Blue green and why not a Red dress.

A color of caftan adapted to the complexion

By wearing caftan, the traditional dress Takes the star on your person, you will then be reduced in accessories, but the situation does not necessarily displease you. In this context, make sure that the color of the tunic dress Harmonizes well with the color of your skin, your hair, but also with your eyes. You have a choice on the color of your dress and not on your natural appearance.

As a rule, the color of your eyes should help you in choosing the color of your dress. What's easier, you have blue eyes, choose dresses or takchitas in blue of the same color. If you have clear skin, the choice is wide of the color pastel In the dark. But if you have matte or dark skin, choose a dress that contrasts pleasantly and do not avoid blue-marine. Two dark tones without necessarily being in the same hue does not give anything nice. You can always bring touches of colors with the different embroidery that you will host on your dress.

bride caftan

Carry caftan is a dream easily, so take the time to choose the model that will suit your morphology and your complexion. It will not have to be difficult since the different tissue are currently available in various colors. Your choice, do not lose in view that accessories and your makeup will be just as important as the model of your dress. By choosing too lights, you may smother the splendor of your dress. Shoes, bags, pockets, hairstyles and jewelry, it is the small details that all women and ladies will not have to take lightly to stay in the refinement.

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