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What is the Moroccan caftan "Kaftan"?

In Morocco, these outfits were carved and shaped by Moroccan fabric manufacturers "Maalem" and were worn by the kings of the region. The use of the caftan as a form of clothing was then adopted by the general public and raised in particular by Moroccan women.

Caftan in 2020

Today, in Morocco, the caftans are mainly worn by women and the word "kaftan" in Morocco is used to signify "dress of a room". The two-piece alternative versions are called "Takchita" and are worn with a wide belt. The Takchita is also known as Mansouria that derives from the name of the Sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur which invented Al-Mansouria and the new fashion to wear a two-piece caftan.

When to wear the caftan?

Historically, there are many Moroccan caftans "Kaftan", depending on the cities, like Marrakech, Tetouan, Fes, Rabat, dirty.
They can be made of brocade, velvet, silk and many other fabrics. The Caftan can be worn both for casual and formal occasions, depending on the materials used.

The modern Moroccan caftan

The popularity of Moroccan caftanhas exceeded bordersAnd its beauty is recognized and appreciated around the world. The dresses shine like stars in fashion shows around the world and illuminate the scene that surrounds them.

In London, Nadia Boutaleb, a Moroccan fashion designer highlighted the caftans at the London Fashion Week of September 2017. Boutaleb decided to showcase the beauty of traditional Moroccan clothes in the UK and its collection has Not missing to impress the audience.

Dubai welcomed the 22nd fashion show "Caftan of Morocco". In 2019, the fashion designer Naoual Miri presented his collection during a fashion show in Montreal, Canada.

Increasingly popular clothes, Caftan's shops are now present in countries with important Moroccan populations, such as Spain, France and Belgium.

We can not call it a creator room because a creator piece is linked to a mode that changes every six months. Here we are talking about a centuries traditional garment, but that seems new. It is not easy to reach this level of perfection.

Decades later, the Caftan remains a cultural treasure of Morocco, and their marketing in other countries is accompanied by alterations of the traditional model of the dress.

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