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    Moroccan customs holding customs are surrounded by many myths. However, true Moroccan customs may seem strange and unusual for many.

    It's always a strong moment of each wedding scene, with regard to the dresses, the bride has chosen. In Morocco, the wedding dress is traditionally called Takchita. Here we will call them simply Moroccan wedding caftan. These dresses are specifically designed for the bride.

    The traditions of marriage in Morocco

    The choice of Moroccan wedding captain usually depends on the different events during the wedding. For most traditional marriages, the bride will prefer to wear a green Moroccan wedding captain for the henna ceremony.

    Most brides are also choosing a white or creamy dress when presented to Amaria.

    The other colors they choose may depend on their style preferences. Often the dress for the dinner party of the evening is blue. Some brides will choose to wear an outfit that represents each of the seven regions of Morocco.

    The Amazigh Style Caftan is one of our favorite Moroccan wedding dresses. It varies a little, because every region, and even each village, has its own unique style. It is certainly the unique the regional wedding dress.

    Moroccan wedding captops are highly embellished works of art, complex design. You can opt for the most elaborate option, which includes thick pearls and embroidery.

    This option is ideal for weddings in winter or autumn, when the air is cooler.

    You can opt for a more modern version of the Caftan dress With our collection dedicated to this unique tradition of tradition.