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    15 products

    Originally inspired by the caftan, which is a single-room dress, the experts turned it into two-room or more and started calling it Takchita. The first layer worn inside is called tahita and the upper layer (s), which are generally made with embroidery, pearls, sequins, etc. 

    Modern takchita

    It will always adapt to your curves in a decent way, because the upper layer is generally open on the front and closed by buttons. The Takchita traditional and Arabic style is adapted On all occasions: Weddings, parties and other casual events.

    We choose high quality fabrics to make these Takchita hypnotics keeping in mind your style and comfort. Each of them is designed to adapt perfectly to your curves. 

    If you are looking for something that agrees with the style of theAbaya Or if you want it to be strongly embroidered, your Shop Caftan-Shop.fr offers a wide range of items. You can choose between simple, sophisticated or printed matter.