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85 products


A trendy look with our Moroccan caftans

The summer comes fast and it's time to improve your style and have a trendy look this season. Caftans are fashionable this year and become more and more popular among celebrities!

If you think the caftan is only a beach clothing and it is not suitable for traditional festivals or ordinary clothing, think again! The beauty of the caftan is that it can be worn in the way you want and adapt to most occasions.

You can even turn the heads by simply wearing a fashionable caftan. These clothes can be worn very differently. Simply be creative and imagination.

The fabric of the caftan

La caftan dress is usually made ofA fluid fabric that gives you a relaxed and comfortable look. However, you do not want to look comfortable and relaxed all the time, is not it? Choose the right caftan according to the occasion you are going to attend.

If you go to the beach, Opt for a cotton or silk caftan. If you want to wear it at a party, choose a more fantasy material like Satin Caftan or Chiffon. These caftans are elegant and perfect for a summer evening.

Caftans are available in many different lengths that can be worn on different occasions. If you want people to appreciate your style, invest some time to think about your outfit.

Choose the length of the dress according to where you wear it: If you go to the desk, a medium length caftan is exactly what you need to have a professional and elegant look. The beaches are places where you want to relax and enjoy the summer breeze.

A short caftan associated with jean shorts can help you enjoy more of your beach experience. You can also wear a short caftan over your bikini because it constitutes a perfect beach outfit.


A modern caftan

Bring a creative touch to your set by combining it with an accessory that will make a feel. The jewels can give your outfit the appearance of an all right exit from a fashion show!

All jewelry are not suitable for all occasions and you have to choose your accessories carefully. If your Caftan dress is embroidered, decorated with jewelry or featuring extravagant patterns, you do not need a lot of jewelry. Simply add simple hanging earrings and you are ready to go.

If you wear a CAFTAN, add a nice necklace, bracelets and earrings to accentuate your look. A bag or a small handbag is also a very good accessory to wear on oneself.

You can always wear A belt with a caftan, which will give an appearance of dress. Whether you intend to wear a long or short tunic, a belt can bring a final touch to your look.

Kaftan dresses are very popular and reign over many fashion podiums. You too, you can appropriate the fashion of this cultural set!

VOtre holding can never be complete without a good pair of shoes. The same goes for caftans. You can wear it as you wish, but if your shoes are not at the point, it can ruin all your look.

You can associate a long caftan from ankles with off-compensated shoes or even flat, as your feet will probably not be the central point of your outfit. If you wear a short or knee caftan, heels can give you an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Make sure your shoes do not conflict with the caftan. If it is printed with complex patterns, opt for single-color heels. For a uni, you can still use elegant shoes.

To complete your unique style, you can consider cracking for a Moroccan Caftan. A true traditional tunic decorated with pearls and a high couture embroidery.