Top 7 of the best films shot in Marrakech, Morocco

The Morocco is known worldwide for its magnificent coasts and exotic souks and medinas. The historical monuments of the country, associated with its eclectic cultural context, make it a very popular tourist destination. But that's not the only reason why people around the world visit Morocco.

In fact, the spectacular natural lighting, the enchanting decors, the affordable budget and the diversity of landscapes make Morocco, and in particular of the city of Marrakech, with its sand deserts, a very attractive filming place. Here is our selection of the top 7 films shot in Marrakech, Morocco.

  • The man who knew too much
  • Hideous Kinky
  • Gladiator
  • Alexander
  • Babel
  • Sex and the City 2
  • Impossible mission: nation rogue


1) The man who knew too much (1956)

We start this list by a shine. ALFRED HITCHCOCK, the suspense and the most famous director of England, films the opening scene of his mysterious drama in Bab Doukkala.

The man who knew too much presents several historical landmark points in the charming city of Marrakech. The bus from the opening scene crosses the old medina and enters Bab El Khemis, a lively flea market that is full of trinkets, artisanal objects and hidden treasures.

The espionage thriller is a large room for the many attractions of Djemaa El Fna, snake charming healers through food stands and storytellers. The film is centered on an American doctor (played by James Stewart) and his wife (played by Doris Day).

The couple goes to the luxurious Mamounia hotel in Marrakech to pass what is supposed to be a good holiday. However, they find themselves involved in an attempt to kidnap and assassinate a foreign prime minister.

 The man who knew too much (1956)

2) Hideous Kinky (1998)

Hideous Kinky is based on the semi-autobiographical book of Esther Freud's same title. The film is directed by the Scottish director Gillies Mackinnon and features Kate Winslet.

The famous actress plays the role of a young mother who moves from London to Morocco with her two daughters in the 1970s. The three characters share a "home" in what is called a Foundouk, a moderate rent hotel in Marrakech .

Thanks to this radical removal, they hope to find freedom, spirituality and love. Things that the dreary way of life of England could offer them.

The story is told from Bea's point of view, Julia's daughter, eight years old. Daily girls' adventures have a number of scenes filmed in the Kaat Bennahid neighborhood in Marrakech.

Hideous Kinky (1998)

3) Gladiator (2000)

This film was not shot in the heart of Marrakech. However, it appears on the list because it was shot in a desert located three hours drive from the city. The citadel of Ait Ben Haddou is one of the most popular filming destinations of all Morocco.

The director of Gladiator, Riddle SCOTT, chose this specific place to give life to the glory and blood of ancient Rome.

The Epley Russell Crowe perfectly takes the role of the protagonist in an unforgettable performance that earned him the Oscar for the best actor in 2001.

The same region has also served as many scenes from the great universal production of the incredibly popular TV show of Thrones.


4) Alexander (2004)

The director's epic historical drama Oliver Stone Also shot in the suburbs of Marrakech, as well as in several other places in Morocco, Malta and Thailand. The film follows the life of Alexander the Great, of his debut on his reign as King of Macedonia.

The scenes of the palace are filmed in the splendid gardens of the sumptuous Mamounia hotel in Marrakech. The scenes featuring the Hindu Kush were shot in a decor built in the Atlas mountains, a few kilometers from Marrakech.

The city of Essaouira also provided the team of filming many scenic and scenic decorations for essential scenes of the film. For example, the horsepower plan, where Alexander manages to tame Buchale, was shot near Essaouira.

The battle of Gaugamela was shot in the deserts of Marrakech. The film presents a solid casting with Colin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto and Val Kilmer.


5) Babel (2006)

Less than 200 kilometers from Marrakech, some parts of the Babel psychological drama were shot in the Hollywood of Africa, that is to say in Ouarzazate, and in a small Berber village called Taguenzalt, located in the foothills of L 'Atlas.

The film is a multi-narrative drama that follows a diverse set of characters and their prospective life in Morocco, the United States, Mexico and Japan.

This international co-production conducted by Alejandro González Iñárritu follows several stories interpreted by an eclectic distribution including Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Driss Roukhe, Adriana Barraza, Rinko Kikuchi and Kōji Yakusho.

The film won the Golden Globe Award for the best film in the Drama category and was named for seven Oscars.


6) Sex and The City 2 (2010)

Although taking place in Abu Dhabi, the majority of the second sex and the city film was shot in Morocco. If you have traveled to Marrakech, you may have noticed how fashion scenes seem familiar to you.

The film starts with Marrakech Menara Airport, then takes place in the lively souks of the former Medina of Marrakech.

The Taj Palace hotel in Palmeraie makes an appearance, as well as the magnificent Amanjena hotel, located just outside Marrakech. As for the desert scenes, they have all been shot in the picturesque sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi and in the beautiful Sahara desert.

Sex and the City 2

7) Impossible Mission - Snape Nation (2015)

The fifth part of the very popular franchise mission impossible has been largely shot throughout the Moroccan kingdom.

Many scenes from the film were shot in the Marrakech Stadium on the Marrakech Highway, as well as the curved edges of the Atlas mountains near the city.

The action and espionage film featuring Tom Cruise in the role of the IMF Ethan Hunt agent has many suspense scenes filmed in the Kasbah of Oudayas in Rabat, the narrow streets of Derb Sultan in Casablanca, the monumental mosque of Hassan II, as well as the A7 motorway of Casablanca-Agadir.

mission impossible nation rogue

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