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Abaya Moroccan Caftan

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The clothes are one of the ways via which you can express your creativity. Also, this abaya gives you the opportunity to adopt a nice look in everyday life, or for all the occasions of your choice. This garment comes to give you the assurance of being well enhanced, in addition to being of great comfort.

Wear a garment to be comfortable

Wear this abaya is a real pleasure thanks to the quality of its cup and sewing. The components have been developed so as to allow great freedom in your clothes. This is noticed, among others on the sleeves, which are awesome, but whose ends are tightened.

The rest of the garment remains in the same spirit, and you can move you as good without experimenting with difficulties. A fabric belt takes place at the waist, but it will not be a source of discomfort. It is both a utilitarian accessory and an aesthetic touch in addition.

A garment with well-worked components

Customers are always entitled to expect that they are given for their money. Here you will not be disappointed because the actions undertaken to promote good quality are appreciable. We note the use of high quality materials, such as cotton, but also reinforced polyester for your abaya.

The combination of these two allows the making of a garment whose maintenance is simple, and which will have a beautiful appearance. The seams are consolidated so that it is very effective. You can choose between black and red, and sizes go from S to XXL. This high quality abaya is waiting for you, so do not delay any longer.


  • Composition: Reinforced cotton and polyester
  • Hijab not included
  • Reinforced seams:High-end finishes
  • Delivery offered from 50 € of purchase
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