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Karakou Algerian dress

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    The clothes like Karakou often manage to provide the best compromise between discretion and elegance. This Algerian Karakou is one of the outfits that effectively meets these two criteria. All will be able to take place during great opportunities, as receptions where you will be invited.

    A habit to be majestic

    For this Karakou, it is a great use of black color as well as usual ornaments for Karakou. The combination of golden decorations on the flanges and the deep black of what remains gives a majestic side to this outfit. The style and location of the decorations are also well thought out.

    For arms, golden ornaments leave shoulders up to elbow, and arms are devoid. It has to wait for the end of the sleeves that partially cover the hands to see a discreet border. Also, for the edges of the lower part, an effort was made so that the decorations along this part without covering excessively surface.

    First quality finishes

    Among the assets of this garment, we can evoke the composition of its tissues. To be both good quality and good comfort, cotton was used as well as reinforced polyester. Everything is made more resistant by consolidated seams. It is therefore a garment that will last long.

    It can also be acquired in several sizes, to satisfy the greatest number. The available sizes include EU 32 and EU 56, as well as all alternative sizes. In order to enjoy this garment at the earliest, do not delay before making the purchase, in order to be the most beautiful worldly evenings.

    Karakou details

    • Composition: Reinforced cotton and polyester
    • Ornament: embroidery
    • Reinforced seams:High-end finishes
    • Delivery offered from 50 € of purchase

    Do you want a glamorous, fashionable and modern style? This [product] suits you very well. Karakou (blue and silver) In the same theme, you can view all our products through the dedicated Karakou series.